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Welcome to Fletcher Services Ltd.

Fletcher Services Ltd provides consultancy and support services to IT organisations. We specialise in high integrity and mission critical software development management processes, recognising the investments made by clients in software products that generate revenue and provide services into the medium and long term business operations.

The industries we support:


We can provide software product assurance support to ground segment or space segment projects, helping clients meet the ECSS requirements.

Air Traffic Management

When the lives of people are governed by software that influences the movement of aircraft, then the integrity of the processes used in development of the software is of paramount importance.

Website Processes

As websites become more prevalent as a means of generating business, then the automation of many of the processes supporting the businesss model needs to be well understood and defined.

High Integrity & Reliability

With the wider establishment of high integrity, high reliability, and high availability standards, customers are demanding greater compliance to these internationally recognised standards across many industries. The industries taking the lead in using these standards include:

  • medical systems
  • power transmission & distribution (grid networks)
  • aerospace
  • automotive systems
  • marine systems
  • rail systems

Is your software team ready for these safety standards?

The services we offer:

QMS Design

Design and construct a tailored QMS framework incorporating the standards and technologies you need in your industry.

Customers are looking to go much further than ISO 9000/TickIT, or CMMi for their large infrastructure and business support projects. They want to cut maintenance costs, they want to reduce development costs, they want predictability of programme costs. How can you achieve this without frameworks to manage these requirements?

Supplier Assessments

Looking at new suppliers of software development services can be risky, unless you can gain insight to their strengths and weaknesses, in terms of process maturity.

When assessing suppliers, the maturity you seek can vary according to your own strengths, and according to your experiences in previous projects.

Some suppliers sacrifice quality to meet schedules, some sacrifice scope for testability, some trap you into paying for change requests to cover the gaps in your requirements, some go from requirement to code without any architectural integrity.

Website Process Design

When designing a website you need to ensure the processing of data from customer initiation through to final delivery results in a happy customer. We can help you map out the workflow and support processes needed to provide a quality service to your customers.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form.

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